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Do you know how to take care of your driveway gate? How much do you know about these systems? Let the following tips help you out! Find out how to deal with common problems, how to make the right choices and how to make your system last.

Regular maintenance will help you avoid gate problems

With so many different components involved in their operation, including intercoms and electric openers (which are usually exposed to the elements), problems are never unavoidable when it comes to automatic gates. The best way to ensure the system works with safety is to have it maintained and thoroughly checked on a regular basis. Most issues can be prevented with the hinges and posts checked, the track cleaned and the sliding gate wheels lubricated.

Keep your gate control devices secure

If some unscrupulous characters steal your gate clicker or learn the code to your keypad, the security of your property can be compromised. In order to avoid this, keep the gate clicker in a safe place and don't tell anyone your keypad code. This may seem like obvious tips, but you'd be surprised how often people neglect to adhere to them. If you want to further reinforce security, install a phone entry system. Wired and wireless intercoms can be very helpful for allowing you to monitor who's waiting on the other side of your gate and to communicate with them remotely.

Test your electric gate for safety on a regular basis

A safety test must be conducted every so often in order to ensure the gate system isn't suffering from some potentially dangerous issues. Check the position of the safety sensors and make sure the gate reverses when something gets in its way. Place a cardboard box in its path and see what happens when it hits it. Does it open back up? If not, let a professional take a look.

Consider the different benefits of each type of opener

The type of gate you have will determine which types of openers you can install, but there is some variation between the suitable models that can make one unit better for your needs compared to another one. Underground openers require less maintenance, but are more complex to repair and tend to be more expensive. Models that use a telescoping ram have benefits that ones that use an articulated arm lack, and vice versa. Consult with a professional to learn which type is the one that fits your needs perfectly.


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