Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Go through the testimonials of our gate company's customers and find out more about us and our services

Curious to know more about us and whether our team is experienced and serious? Find out all about our gate company and services just by reading the testimonials our customers have written. Check out their opinion and whether they were happy with our service

Took care of our gate motor

“There was this noise but we couldn't be sure if it was coming from the driveway gate opener. We meant to call Gate Repair Long Beach to report the problem, but then got caught up in routine stuff and forgot all about it. Next time we tried opening the gate, it stopped. Then, we called this gate company right away. It was a relief to hear the technician saying that the motor was just overheated. Although he fixed the gate motor, he advised us to replace it pretty soon since it was old. It was great that he gave us a heads up and so we'd have some time to get organized before having the motor replaced. He was wonderful!”

Glad to trust your gate company

“I'm really happy that I have found your company. I have already worked with you twice and I guess now I can be sure that I can depend on you. A few months back, I had trouble closing the gate. The immediate assistance of one of the technicians amazed me. He had to take care of an opener issue and had my gate back and running in a jiffy. Last week I just called back for maintenance service – just wanted to be sure everything was okay. Although this was not urgent, the tech was here servicing the gate the next day. His work was perfect. All you guys are great and I'll recommend your gate company to all my friends.”

Impeccable Swing Gate Repair

"I thought that my swing gate only needed some adjustment, this company's technician found a more serious problem with the hinges and their welding. Gladly, he resolved it right away. The guy really knew what he was doing and handled the components very attentively. He strengthened the welding and tightened the hinges making the entire unit more secure. He repaired the hinges using welding. Since the service, the gate has been perfectly stable and reliable. It operates without any kind of hitch. I am really happy and have complete peace of mind. If you want a genuine specialist service, then Gate Repair Long Beach is a great choice. I will keep the company's number on my contact list."

Replaced the Hinges

“My parents had a gate installed when they first bought their home, and it has lasted for more than 10 years with no repairs. However over time the hinges got horribly rusty. After some Googling I stumbled on Gate Repair Long Beach’s website. They listed competitive prices and offered quick service. It was late so I left a message through their website. A helpful lady called me back the next day and we were able to schedule the hinge replacement for that afternoon. I feel much better knowing my elderly parents don’t have to struggle with their gate, all thanks to this company.”


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